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I love the Fed Ex guy!

I mean it, I really do love the Fed Ex guy! He never comes with bad news and I always look forward to seeing him. My husband should probably feel jealous about this fact but he’s not. He understands my affections for the guy and he’s fine with it! This morning I woke up and checked the Fed Ex site to see if my package was still chugging along the Untied States and would arrive on time July 27. To my astonishment I saw the date for delivery had changed somehow to July 24! That’s today people!! We had plans for today but since my package required a signature and my grandmother who lives with us, sleeps even if the fire alarm is going off, I wasn’t taking any chances of missing it! So my sweet husband decided to clean the garage instead. At 1:30 I heard the distinct sound of THE truck pulling up to the front of our house and my camera had arrived! I was so excited to open it and get the battery charged and the strap (with the pretty red stripes down the sides) attached that I had forgotten I have no lens! I ordered it from another company because it was 10 bucks cheaper, which I realize now was completely the WRONG idea! It won’t be here until Monday. Oh well I’ll spend the rest of the weekend reading the manual, it’s only 257 pages.

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