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I am trying to learn everything about my camera so I can shoot in full manual. For the life of me I could not understand the metering thingy inside my camera. I have read book after book and my photography teacher has tried to explain it to me. I’m pretty sure he laughs about me with his manual understanding photographer buddies behind my back.;) Anyway I have been struggling with this for a while! Today my new lens came and so I have been outside forcing my girls to be models for me. Once again I was looking at the metering thing and could not find the little line that is suppose to be at 0 if you have everything set right. I went inside the house to try some shots and sure enough there it is at 0. I was so confused! I went back outside and started messing with the dial and turned it and turned it and there it was! The little line finally moving across the screen! It was no where near the right exposure so it wasn’t even on the screen! Photography people will get this and think “man she knows nothing” and they would be right! But today I get it! It was like the skies parted and the angels were singing and I finally get it!!! Now I’m off to learn about editing. Watch out photoshop tutorials, your going down!!

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  • Julie - Boy, I couldn't figure out what you were talking about, but you are talking about the exposure compensation, right? It's "on" my camera all the time – if it's not on "0", you can still see it on the bottom of my screen & viewfinder. I guess each camera is different. But, I did not know that when you're shooting in full manual that that is your indicator that things are set right! Thanks for teaching me something! I usually use the exposure compensation when I'm shooting in Shutter Speed mode and need more light – like when I shot swimming lessons pictures! Or, when I'm in Aperture mode and need less light! I do not shoot in full manual very often beause I'm trying to be fast, but for photo shoots that's great! Good for you!!ReplyCancel

  • Toni - Yep exposure compensation, it's the same thing. 90% of the time if it's at "0" your good to go. It's important to understand how it works especially if it's really sunny out and you want to meter on your subject instead of the sky. Now I'm practicing bracketing which would be helpful in sunny conditions also!ReplyCancel

  • Damaris Mia - I just recently (like a couple months ago) started to pay attention to the metering inside my camera.. and let me tell you.. It has helped tremendously! Good luck! xoxoReplyCancel

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