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Do I have to be an artist?

I went to a workshop this weekend and if I learned one thing it’s that I want to create art. I don’t want to just snap pictures of people, I want to capture the actual person. I want you to look at that picture and get a feeling for who that person is. I want you to look at that picture and have a hard time looking away. So how do you do this when you are in no way an artist? I have zero skills when it’s comes to art. In fact when we play pictionary my family spends a majority of the game making fun of me and laughing while showing me the appropriate way to draw a toilet! I worried that this might be a hinderance to a photography career for me because, well, photography is art! What I have since learned though is, I love people. I love watching a person throw their head back in a full laugh and my first thought is “Man I wanna take a picture of that”! I love watching two people in love walking in front of me holding hands. I love everything about taking pictures and capturing emotion. Hopefully this is enough, don’t hold it against me that I can’t draw a toilet!

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  • JessiHitti - Oh mama you are so funny! Yes it is true you can't draw but I believe art is more than just whether you can draw or not! There are different forms and guess what photography is one of them and therefore you have made yourself artistic whoo! I'm proud of you mama!ReplyCancel

  • courtney bowlden - i dont think you are giving yourself enough credit. seriously. you are incredibly talented! i grew up with a sister who was the artist of the family. i wasnt really good at anything. but i have grown to realize i have a lot more talent than i thought. remember that it takes time to grow, too. but you really are a wonderful artist!ReplyCancel

    • Toni Lynn - Thank you Courtney, I appreciate that! I still can’t draw though. 😉ReplyCancel

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