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{Getting Stuck in a ditch and the Power of Prayer}

We woke up to snow on Sunday and since church was canceled we decided to take the girls up to Mt. Baker to go sledding.  About 10 minutes into our drive the girls began what inevitability turns into the never ending question of “Are we there yet!!!!!”  Because we love our children and did not want to open the window and chuck them out we decided to look for a hill that was closer than the top of Mt. Baker.  Now I am not one to nag (honey if you are reading this no comment is necessary!)  but when we started up a road that got steeper and steeper and that apparently only snowmobiles are allowed on, I began to politely ask if we could turn around.  Side note, I do consider yelling “HONEY TURN THE TRUCK AROUND NOW PLEASE!!” as being polite since I did say please, okay?!  As we were turning around my husband says “Oh look over that cliff, isn’t it beautiful?”,  which I couldn’t see because I had my hands over my eyes and was silently cursing the day I married him.  When suddenly we began to slide. Slide. Slide. Slide.  When I peeled my fingers off my face the truck was on it’s side in a ditch.  As we all climbed out of the truck, my husband, me, my 18, 6, and 5 year old daughters, it was my 18 year old who had to remind me that it was all over so telling my husband “I told you to turn around” would not help.  She’s such a smart girl!  We started walking for miles (okay maybe it was yards) I told my girls that in the Bible it says when two or more come to God in prayer He goes into action.  We all held hands in a circle on a snowy road that no car had came down since the beginning of time (okay slight exaggeration) and prayed that God would send someone to help us out of the ditch.  We started walking again and within five minutes we spotted a truck with a plow attached to the front of it coming towards us and I thought “Wow God, you work fast!!”  I wish I could end the story by telling you that it was an angel sent by God but since the driver was a little reluctant to help us and maybe not completely sober, I’m guessing he was just your ordinary mountain man.  The amazing part is that God uses all things for good!

In the end we had a wonderful lunch and found a hill to sled on and it was a great day!

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  • Damaris Mia - Beautiful! Oh, how I just wish I could do a shoot in the snow 😉ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Venning - Snow!!! We don’t have that down here in South Australia. Wow, the pic of your eldest daughter is just beautiful. The trees are amazing.ReplyCancel

    • Toni Lynn - South Australia! I’d rather be there!! The trees were beautiful that day though!ReplyCancel

  • Mallory - Your story kinda made me laugh, I can relate to your ‘politeness’ haha! I’m glad everything worked out for the good!ReplyCancel

  • Brandis - what a beautiful story and photos! your family is so beautiful Toni!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Foster - Beautiful images. Met you on Clickinmoms! Have a great day!ReplyCancel

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