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Kelly {Bellingham Everson Prom Pictures}

Last weekend I had the privilege of taking pictures of Kelly in her gorgeous prom dress from Alisha’s Bridal!  Kelly looked absolutely stunning in this dress!  I love the way it catches and changes color in the light!  We went to a few places around town and decided to be brave and head over to what is known around here as “The Goat Man’s” house.  Now I don’t really know the story behind this house but I do know that at first glace I was a little nervous to get out of my car.  I wish I had taken a picture of the whole house to show you!  It is a hugemungas (spell check says that is not a word but whatever!)  plantation style house that was never finished.  Some people say it’s haunted but since I don’t believe in ghosts we had nothing to fear!  The place is overgrown in sticky bushes and cars are strewn everywhere.  As we got out of the car we could hear someone in the garage.  We approached and saw a man in a welding mask.  Now I’m going to admit at this point visions of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” came rushing to my mind.  John, that’s the would be killer’s name, took off the mask and was very gracious about us shooting there and it was the coolest place ever!  I wish I could have stayed there all day and if I was completely sure John wasn’t going to tie me up and keep there forever I would have asked to go inside!  I will be back to visit the outsidePin ItPin ItundefinedPin ItundefinedPin ItundefinedPin ItundefinedPin ItPin ItundefinedPin Itfor sure!  Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!! 🙂

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