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Sarah & Mina | Bellingham Wedding Photographer

It was a gorgeous Saturday and I met Sarah in Canada as she was getting ready for her wedding.  Sarah and Mina are the kind of people that you meet and instantly feel like friends.  Mina has a smile on his face that very rarely leaves and he lights up every time Sarah enters the room.   I was pretty excited because their ceremony was Egyptian Coptic and I had never seen anything so filled with tradition and every part of it was special.  The day started out great and everyone was so excited as Sarah and Mina got ready.Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItTheir First look was so so sweet.  I cried watching Mina as he saw Sarah for the first time.Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItTheir ceremony was beautiful and so very special.Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItThis is where things took a little turn for the ah…..well I can’t totally say worse but I would say unexpected.  After the ceremony and on the way to the vineyard for the reception, we stopped at a park for some pictures of the newlywed couple.  As I was posing them and adjusting my camera setting I looked up to see Mina’s legs covered in bees!  They were standing on a bee hive and the bees were swarming Mina and going up his pant legs.  Thank God that they didn’t go up Sarah’s dress!  Mina was stung quite a few times and since he allergic we had to run to the pharmacy for medication.  Now Sarah had told me at our consultation that she is not a fan of posed photos so this is as unposed as we could get!  🙂

Pin ItPin ItPin ItAfter the fun stop at the pharmacy we headed to the reception for some wonderful food, yummy cake, toasts, and Sarah sang along with her brother and Pastor.  She has an amazing voice!

Pin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItPin ItA big thank you to Eldad Efendi Photography for 2nd shooting for me!  You are awesome and I can’t wait to work together again!

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  • Joy Weisel - I am such a fan of your photography. I haven’t seen a single picture that I do not love. Seriously beautiful work, even if its just a picture of shoes or bread! The way you light peoples skin amazes me. If you ever do any mentoring or webinars please please let me know so I can jump on the chance to learn your style.ReplyCancel

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