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Guest Writer for Lemonade & Lenses September Issue

I was at the gym being tortured by the treadmill when I decided to check my email.  There was the usual email informing me that I had inherited 300,000 million from an unknown family member and all I had to do was send them $2500 for the lawyer fees and of course Senior trying to set me up with someone my grandpas age.  I scrolled down and saw an email from Lemonade & Lenses.  I couldn’t believe when I read that they wanted me to be a guest writer for their September Stylized issue!  Did they realize how badly I am as a writer?!  I guess not!  I was so filled with excitement that my speed walk ALMOST turned into a full out run while listening to Apple Bottom Jeans on my ipod!

Here is a glimpse of the magazine which is gorgeous by the way!  To be included with these other amazing photographers is truly such an honor!!

If you’d like to purchase a copy they are available here:


Look at my name all cozy between Brittney & Michelle 🙂



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