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The Most Successful Wedding Photographer

My friend emailed me a picture the other day and when I saw it I cried.  It was a picture of one of my sons and I at my son Jake’s wedding.  When I looked at it I could still feel my son’s arms around me.  This is my son who is stationed in Japan and I hadn’t seen in two years.  I

“I’m gonna make it a great day!”

“I’m gonna make it a great day!”  Those were the first words my daughter said when I woke her up for school this morning.   Today is her first day of Kindergarten.  Out of six this is my last kindergartner.  I was thinking this morning as I saw all the other moms, a lot of who are

God’s Gift

Today I was not having the best morning.  Trying to run my own business and take care my family can be a hard juggling act.  When things are hard and I don’t know where to turn,  God reminds me that this is my most important gift.

{Getting Stuck in a ditch and the Power of Prayer}

We woke up to snow on Sunday and since church was canceled we decided to take the girls up to Mt. Baker to go sledding.  About 10 minutes into our drive the girls began what inevitability turns into the never ending question of “Are we there yet!!!!!”  Because we love our children and