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I Heart Faces-Red

I am trying to learn everything about my camera so I can shoot in full manual. For the life of me I could not understand the metering thingy inside my camera. I have read book after book and my photography teacher has tried to explain it to me. I’m pretty sure he laughs about me with his

I love the Fed Ex guy!

I mean it, I really do love the Fed Ex guy! He never comes with bad news and I always look forward to seeing him. My husband should probably feel jealous about this fact but he’s not. He understands my affections for the guy and he’s fine with it! This morning I woke up and checked

Nikon vs Canon

Why is it that every time I talk to one of my friends that shoots Nikon I feel bad to tell them I’ve made the switch to Canon. It’s kind of like I’m leaving their club. And believe me it’s great club! I have a very good reason for switching to Canon and it’s vital

Waiting on Fed Ex

So I’m going a little crazy without a camera! I keep checking the Fed Ex website and the date of July 27th for delivery still hasn’t changed. I even googled “Is Fed Ex pretty accurate with their delivery date estimate”. Most people said “Yep pretty accurate”.

Just started my new blog!

I’m not sure why I was nervous to start a blog. I mean who’s gonna read it anyway? The reason I’m doing this is I have big, I mean huge, dreams of being a wedding photographer. I would also love to do senior portraits, families, babies, pretty much everything!! To do that they